Here is just a partial list of the services that we have to offer at Don
Fennell Home Remodeling, Inc. If you have a project in mind, there is
a good chance that we can do the job. So give us a call today, and
together, we will make your dream home a reality.
Install, repair or replace natural slate,
asphalt, wood shake, and metal roofing
Doors & Windows:
Install, repair or replace garage doors,
interior & exterior doors, windows, sliding
doors, storm doors
Build or Remodel:
Additions, basement, bathroom, kitchen,
garage, deck, porch, sun room, carport
Additions & Renovations:
Major home repairs and multiple room
Install and repair driveways, foundations,
patios, poured concrete walls; concrete
Install, repair or clean gutters, downspouts;
copper gutters
By "experience", we mean hands-on, in-the-trenches experience. Thirty years of professional construction experience
translates into a lot of problem solving, idea generating and fine tuning. When you tap into our extensive knowledge
base, you will gain a wealth of information that will help you to better understand the construction process and to fine
tune your project. Whether you have plans already or are just beginning, we’ll share our expertise to move you on track
to get what you want.

A job well done is very important to us. It is a reflection of who we are and what our company strives for, and that’s good
for you. When you know that we pride ourselves in our work, you can be assured that your investment - your home - is
protected, and that is peace of mind. And, we work with you to incorporate your ideas and ours into a project that fits
your home, life-style and budget.

We will meet with our clients and establish a budget for their project that fits their needs. We will inform the client of
costs associated with any changes to the original plan and we will obtain their written approval before making any
changes that will significantly impact project cost.

We set a realistic schedule for all projects and will not accept more projects than can be handled in a thorough and
professional manner. We plan for unpredicted events that are inevitable in any remodeling project.

How to Get Started:
Your first step is to call 412.466.8285 and share your ideas with us about improving and remodeling your home. We
will give you our thoughts, ideas and suggestions, based on nearly 30 years of professional experience. We can also
come out to your home at no charge. A site visit is crucial in guiding you down the best path to a successful home
remodeling project. There is no obligation, so call us today!
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